Access Control Systems

Sultan Hareb International LLC offers a wide range of high quality Access control products either multiplexed controller built-in Keypads or Proximity readers to meet various customer needs.

It works as a standalone or network connection with its central monitoring application Software to maximize the system use.

desc AC-101
Fingerprint Recognition
Central Access Control
desc AC-102
Keyless Door Locks
PIN Access
desc AC-103
Keyless Proximity
Access Control System
desc AC-104
IRIS Recognition
Access Control System
desc AC-105
Keyless Door
Access Control System
desc AC-106
Keyless Door Locks
BIOMETRIC - Fingerprint Recognition
desc AC-107
PC-Based biometric fingerprint Recognition
Access Control System
desc AC-108
Face Recognition
Access Control System
desc AC-109
Fingkey Access Control with
Time Attendance System
desc AC-110
Card Door
Access Control System
desc AC-111
Roll-up Garage Doors
Access Control System
desc AC-112
RFID Card Access Control System
desc AC-113
Keyless Biometric Access
desc AC-114
Airport Biometric Access
desc AC-115
Keyless Biometric Access
desc AC-116
Keyless Door Locks
desc AC-117
Remote Control Car Garage Door Access Control
desc AC-118
desc AC-119
Keyless Door Locks
desc AC-120
Vehicle Access Control
desc AC-121
Proximity Card Reader

When choosing an access control package to control the access in your facility there are a few primary factors that you must know. While some of the control devices available are very simple others can get complicated.

Access control is concerned with determining the allowed activities of legitimate users, mediating every attempt by a user to access a resource in the system. Any infrastructure can implement access control systems in many places and at different levels.

The objectives of an access control system are often described in terms of protecting system resources against inappropriate or undesired user access.


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