Video Surveillance Systems for Home & Business

Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices, and livestock etc. Sultan Hareb International LLC offers a wide range of high quality closed circuit television (CCTV) system is used for transmitting real-time and recording through communications systems.

The CCTV - Video Surveillance Systems for Home & Business consists of video processing equipment, TV cameras (and lens assemblies), pan/tilt units (PTU), camcorders, video tape recorders (VTR), color television monitors (CTVM), and all the cabling and accessories required to make these components work together. All CCTV operations can be controlled by the crew or specialized operators. Most CCTV configuration commands can be executed by the Instrumentation.

desc CC-101
Dome CCTV camera
desc CC-102
View CCTV footage from your PC
desc CC-103
CCTV installed on Street Pole
desc CC-104
CCTV System
desc CC-105
View CCTV footage from your Mobile Phone
desc CC-106
CCTV installed in School
desc CC-107
CCTV for Home Security
desc CC-108
CCTV Surveillance System
desc CC-109
Multiple Cameras on Single Pole
desc CC-111
Wireless CCTV System
desc CC-110
CCTV installed on Building exterior
desc CC-112
Pan Titlt Camera
desc CC-113
View CCTV footage from your Tablet & Mobile
desc CC-114
Standard CCTV Camera
desc CC-115
High Speed Dome IR Camera
desc CC-116
CCTV Surveillance System
desc CC-117
Different Cameras
desc CC-118
Vandal Resistant Dome
desc CC-119
Bullet CCTV camera
desc AC-120
DVR Network Video Recorders


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