Automatic Doors

Sultan Hareb International LLC is committed to delivering the best automatic door systems available on the market and is dedicated to install and maintain products.

We also offer Automatic Sliding Glass Doors with adjustable opening/ closing speed, hold open time and opening width.

We offer a variety of options in terms of colors & materials and we support demanding architectural solutions convincingly. Like all our products, the system is silent and smooth operated with features of first class safety standards.

desc AD-901
Automatic Folding Door
desc AD-902
Automatic Sliding Door
desc AD-903
Automatic Swing Door
desc AD-904
Automatic Swing Door
desc AD-905
Automatic Folding Door
desc AD-906
Automatic Revolving Sliding Door
desc AD-907
Supermarket Motion Detection Sliding Door
desc AD-908
Automatic Sliding Door
desc AD-909
Automatic Glass Door
desc AD-910
Vinyl Sliding Glass Door
desc AD-911
Automatic Sliding Glass Door


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