Car Parking Barriers & Shades

Parking Barriers

Sultan Hareb International LLC offers a wide range of high quality Parking Barrier products either central controlled or in stand alone operations. Each type of parking barricade offers different benefits and limitations, at a wide variety of cost.

The range of gate automation operators is the most innovative and advanced in the world, and includes equipment designed for inhospitable conditions, for protection of private parking spaces, shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings.

Parking Shades

Sultan Hareb International LLC is engaged in designing supplying and installing outdoor leisure and parking sunshades for many years. Shaded parking is an amenity desired by most people.

Attractive shade structures are ideal for covering vehicles because they provide obstacle-free shade without the risk of hitting a column. Shade structures shield vehicles from the hot sun with minimal obstacles. They provide the ultimate protection, comfort and security for vehicles and their passengers. Designed and engineered to withstand most adverse weather conditions.

desc CB-401
No Parking & Folding Barrier
desc CB-402
Underground Parking Barrier
desc CB-403
Unipark Automatic Barrier
desc CB-404
Boundary Sprung & Posts Barrier
desc CB-405
Industrial Automatic Barrier up to 12m long
desc CB-406
Unipark Barrier Parking System
desc CB-407
Automatic car park barrier & with Proximity reader
desc CB-408
Automatic Folding & Barrier
desc CB-409
Triple Leg with Padlock Barrier
desc CB-410
Triple Leg with Internal Padlock Barrier
desc CB-411
Triple Leg with Internal Padlock Barrier
desc CB-412
Padlock Folding & Parking Post
desc CB-413
Folding Car Park Barrier
desc CB-414
Fixed Barrier Posts with chain eyelets
desc CB-415
Removable Posts Barrier
desc CB-416
Low Level Tubular Barrier
desc CB-417
Low Level Corner Protectors
desc CB-418
Low Level Barriers
desc CB-419
Speed Bumps
desc CB-420
Removable Posts Barrier
desc CB-421
No Entry Folding Barrier
desc CB-422
Pavement Markers
desc CB-423
Pavement Markers
desc CB-424
Yellow Wheel Stop In Parking Lot
desc CB-425
Striped Parking Wheel Stops
desc CB-426
Wheel Stops
desc CB-427
Reflective Cones
desc CB-428
Collapsible Access Control Barrier
desc CB-429
Solar Car Parking
desc CB-430
Speed Ramps
desc CB-431
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-432
Speed Bumps
desc CB-433
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-434
Rhino Heavy duty Barrier
desc CB-435
Rhino Heavy duty Barrier
desc CB-436
Speed Bumps

desc CB-437
Heavy Duty Removable Post
desc CB-438
Heavy Duty Barrier Posts and Rail
desc CB-439
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-440
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-441
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-442
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-443
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-444
Car Parking Shade SOLAR
desc CB-445
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-446
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-447
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-448
Car Parking Shade
desc CB-449
Parking Signs
desc CB-450
Parking Signs
desc CB-451
Parking Line Marking
desc CB-452
Parking Line Marking
desc CB-453
Parking Signs
desc CB-454
Parking Bay Marking


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