Over Head Garage Doors, Sectional Doors, Rolling Shutters

Sultan Hareb International LLC offers security shutters which can be integrated into walls and soffits in new construction, or can be easily attached to existing structures.

Comfort, Security, Privacy, Storm Protection & Energy Savings - All at the touch of a button. The shutters are easily controlled from the inside via electrical switches, automatic controls, timers or by hand if you desire.

We offer Over Head Garage Doors, Sectional Doors, Rolling Shutters both for residential , commercial and industrial use. All of our installations are custom-tailored to your business or home to fit your needs and desires perfectly.

desc SS-701
Overhead Garage Door
desc SS-702
Automatic Rolling Shutter
desc SS-703
Villa Parking Shutter
desc SS-704
Wooden Finish Shutter
desc SS-705
Wooden Finish Shutter
desc SS-706
Villa Parking Automatic Shutter
desc SS-707
Sliding Shutter
desc SS-708
Sectional Door
desc SS-709
Sectional Door
desc SS-710
Remote Operated Garage Shutter
desc SS-711
Industrial Shutter
desc SS-712
Industrial Shutter
desc SS-713
Remote Operated Garage Shutter
desc SS-714
Industrial Shutter
desc SS-715
Garage Door Roll-Up Shutter
desc SS-716
Home Parking Shutter
desc SS-717
Airport Cargo Shutter
desc SS-718
Automatic Shutter
desc SS-719
Independent Home Garage Shutter

We also have with us extensive experience in successfully handling the emerging market requirements of Public Address System and Conference Systems. These systems come with power amplifiers, microphones (wired and wireless), speakers, mixing consoles, signal processors as well as other accessories that are carefully chosen so as to provide optimum sound quality as well as perfectly meet the addressing requirements during various functions/occasions. The more specific your requirements, the more flexible our solutions.


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