Solar Systems

Green Solar International (GSI) , a division of SHI offers high-performance line of architectural-grade LED lighting solutions - both conventional and solar-powered - that uses streamlined design and the most cutting-edge technology. We streamline product training and awareness giving you ultimate performance and durability, enabling you to realise your solar energy dream.

Whether the application required is street, path, flood, security or other, the GSI LED Lighting Series and Solar Lighting series offer ideal lighting both on the grid or utilizing solar energy.

GSI prides itself on quality of workmanship and engineering, honesty, integrity and a passion for improving the environment. Your purchase of GSI Light product offers peace of mind in meeting your current and future lighting needs.

Our team will work closely with you to establish the appropriate system, taking into account how much energy you use and more importantly, when and how you use it. GSI will help you determine the best location on your property, whether that be roof or ground mounted, and select the appropriate components to maximise the efficiency of your Whole Home System, seamlessly integrating it with the rest of your Off Grid Solution.

At SHI we know that everyone uses energy differently, this is why GSI solutions can be custom built to suit your individual needs. GSI is well experienced in installing large-scale, highly customised energy systems.

Green Solar Internationa (GSI) has developed the most comprehensive solar lighting line in the UAE. Our architectural grade product set which can be integrated into various landscape, site, and area lighting plans to provide a total off-grid solution. Each system is custom engineered to specific Clients needs.

desc SL-101
LED Solar Street Light
desc SL-102
LED Parking Lot Light
desc SL-103
LED Solar Light
desc SL-104
LED Parking area Light
desc SL-105
LED Area Street Light
desc SL-106
LED Supermarket Light
desc SL-107
LED Factory High Bay Light
desc SL-108
LED High Bay Light
desc SL-109
LED High Bay Light
desc SL-157
LED Children Playschool Light
desc SL-110
LED Factory High Bay Light
desc SL-111
LED Garden Pathway Light
desc SL-112
LED Driveway Light
desc SL-113
LED Driveway Ground Light
desc SL-114
LED Driveway Light
desc SL-115
LED Driveway & Entryway-Light
desc SL-116
LED Flood Light
desc SL-117
LED Flood Light
desc SL-118
LED Driveway Light
desc SL-119
LED Swimming Pool Light
desc SL-120
LED Landscape Lighting
desc SL-121
desc SL-122
LED Modern Garden Lighting
desc SL-123
LED Garden Cabin Light
desc SL-124
LED Garden Light
desc SL-125
LED Flood Light
desc SL-101
LED Facade Lighting for House
desc SL-126
LED Facade Lighting for House
desc SL-127
LED Facade Lighting for Building
desc SL-128
LED Facade Lighting
desc SL-129
LED Facade Lighting
desc SL-130
LED Facade Lighting for Building
desc SL-131
LED Facade Lighting for Building
desc SL-132
LED Facade Lighting for Building
desc SL-133
LED Flood Light for House
desc SL-134
LED Flood Light for Garden
desc SL-135
LED Flood Light
desc SL-137
LED Home Interior Lights
desc SL-138
LED Corridor Light
desc SL-139
LED Corridor Light
desc SL-140
LED LED Corridor Light
desc SL-141
LED for Small Compact rooms
desc SL-142
LED Office Light
desc SL-143
LED Light for Hospital
desc SL-145
LED Bulbs
desc SL-146
LED Retail Space Lighting
desc SL-147
LED Retail Highlighting Merchandise
desc SL-148
LED Office Cabin
desc SL-149
LED Interior Lighting for Retail Jewellery store
desc SL-151
LED Tube Light
desc SL-152
LED Meeting Room Light
desc SL-153
LED Meeting Room Light
desc SL-154
LED Solar Powered House Light
desc SL-155
LED Signage
desc SL-156
LED Signage


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